contact zones nrb

Rogue Series

The Rogue Series of Contact Zones NRB is intended as books that deliberately unsettle generic boundaries. It sympathises with texts that would ordinarily disturb the ascribed textual definitions of novel, anthology of poetry, biography, novella, social history etc, collapsing these categories into each other, making the ordinary extraordinary, or even taking on subjects that have officially been abandoned or are deemed taboo by the general public as well as publishers.

Fresh Paint Volume 2 - Telling our Stories into the 21st Century

68 pages, English
Edited by Tom Odhiambo, Eliphas Nyamogo and Ripa Jalipa
Nairobi 2015
ISBN: 978-996607115-6
Kenya: KSH 500

This is the sequel to the first anthology of literary vignettes by Kenyan women titled "Fresh Paint" volume 1, that was published in 2011. The very usccessful joint Project between AMKA and the Goethe-Institut has existed for the last six years and brings together every last Saturday of the month, a most vibrant group of both budding women and men writers, published writers, critics and experts in literature.
Since the first anthology was published, a good number of participants have attended these reading and discussion sessions. More short stories and poems have been submitted for discussion in this forum and a selection is now published in the 2nd volume.

The authors are:
Louise Nzomo, Nebila Abdulmelik, Riva Jalipa, Muthoni wa Gichuru, Rosa Julia Wanjiru, Gacheri Ndumba, Liesbeth Lueftner, Caroline Biegon, Maimuna Jallow, Linda Musita, Rose Nyakio, Edna Aluoch, Tracy Kadesa Adolwa, Lynda Wawira, Florence Onyango, Consolata Mutua, Gloria Mwaniga, Laila Jewayni, Beth Nduta, Zipporah Murugi

Billy Kahora, Parselelo Kantai, Andia Kisia, Tony Mochama, Kevin Mwachiro, Valentine Njoroge - Six and the City. 6 Short Plays on Nairobi

122 pages, English
Edited by Stephan Bruckmeier and Johannes Hossfeld
Design: Estúdio Chocolate, Angola
Nairobi 2014
ISBN: 978-9966-1553-8-2
Kenya: KSH 1000
In cooperation with Hope Theatre Nairobi

Nairobi is a vibrant, excentric, extreme, and elusive city. The theater project Six and the City is dedicated to contemporary Nairobi. Six authors from Nairobi of very different backgrounds each portray their city in a theater piece. The plays have been newly written for this project; and they get to the heart of what it means to live in Nairobi in the new millennium: Kenyan men and women, faced with life decisions and dating issues, politicians who can’t sing the national anthem, sugar daddies and university students, NGO professionals, prostitutes, thugs, freaks, and a vibrator are some of the protagonists in the six pieces. The premiere of the plays was staged at Pawa254, in front of the skyline of Nairobi.

Tony Mochama - Nairobi. A Night Guide through the City-in-the-Sun

142 pages, English
Edited by Tom Odhiambo
Design: Estúdio Chocolate, Angola
Nairobi 2013
ISBN: 978-9966-1553-7-5
Kenya: KSH 1000

Nairobi is fascinating. It is a vibrant, eccentric and extreme city made up of different and contradictory worlds. Nairobi is also an elusive city; difficult to comprehend and fully penetrate. What a better guide can there be than Tony Mochama, the notorious and popular chronicler of Nairobi’s urban life? Haunted by his doppelganger the Night Runner—a naked, mad and mythical being who, in popular rural Kenyan imagination, runs from house to house casting spells - Mochama will carry you along on his journeys through Nairobi. His is a declaration of love for the ‘city in the sun’, after the sun has gone down.

Kevin Mwachiro - Invisible. Stories by Kenya's Queer Community

114 pages, English
Edited by Johannes Hossfeld
Design: Estúdio Chocolate, Angola
Nairobi 2013
ISBN: 978-9966-1553-6-8
Kenya: KSH 750
Published in collaboration with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and the Gay Kenya Trust, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the
Netherlands and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Invisible is a Kenyan story made up of many tales. Although the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity is a very controversial topic in Kenya, the queer community has recently struggled to make itself more visible. Kenyan activists vocally campaign against discrimination and for the respect of the dignity of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex individuals.
As a journalist and activist, Kevin Mwachiro has taken on the task of collecting stories from this community. Covering young to old Kenyans and city dwellers to rural ones, Mwachiro has transcribed the accounts of men and women who have chosen to remain true to themselves despite the many odds that they have faced. Invisible is an exploration of their respective journeys.


Fresh Paint - Literary Vignettes by Kenyan Women

114 pages, English
Edited by Tom Odhiambo and Eliphas Nyamogo
2nd Edition, Nairobi 2012
ISBN: 978-996615530-6
Kenya: KSH 500

Volume 1, Fresh Paint, is by, and about Kenyan women. The authors of the poems and short stories in this book are all women who have been, or are affiliated to AMKA – a women's writers’ forum hosted at the Goethe-Institut in Nairobi. Fresh Paint has been long in the making; some of the poems and short stories in this collection were written as far back as 1990. The conviction to continue writing, in the hope that one day the fiction will be published, was vindicated when this book series was set up, and shows that the old problems of publishing still afflict many African women writers today. The stories and poems not only draw attention to their feminist energy, its revolution is also meant to be a literary one. It is an insurgency whose main agenda is to find, celebrate and promote women’s creativity. The texts in the anthology question both literally and literarily, the stereotypes about women and women's writing in Kenya, and by extension, Africa.

The authors are:
Anonymous, Edna R. Aluoch, Mercy Baraza, Nali Heshima, Claudette Oduor, Faith Oneya, Zipporah Muli, Nymabura Mundia, Margaret Muthee,
Priscah Mutswenje, Gloria Mwanige, Wanjiku Mwaurah, Serah K. Njambi, Rebecca W. Nyanjui, Jackie Kamau, Grace Kamau, Valentine Kamau, Kingwa Kamenchu, Joy Kendi, Doseline Kiguru, Jacqueline Ndinda Kioko, Rahab, Esther Wamagata, E. Wang'ombe